freund's adjuvant

freund's adjuvant
\\ˈfrȯin(d)z-\ noun
Usage: usually capitalized F
Etymology: after Jules T. Freund b1890 American immunologist
: any of various substances (as lanolin, paraffin oil, or killed tubercle bacilli) added to an antigen to enhance its antigenicity

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/froyndz/, Immunol.
a water-in-oil emulsion injected with immunogen (Freund's incomplete adjuvant) or with immunogen and killed mycobacteria (Freund's complete adjuvant) to enhance the immune response to the immunogen.
[1945-50; after Jules Freund (1891-1960), Hungarian-born U.S. immunologist]

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Freund's adjuvant «froyndz»,
an emulsion containing killed bacteria, used to increase the production of antigens or to distribute antigen throughout the body.
[< Jules Freund, 1890-1960, a Hungarian-born American bacteriologist]

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